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About as many people know me by my nickname as do by my real name. When I'm notstudying, spending time with myfamily, or reading/answering emails, you might find me on the undernet--on IRC's #30plus. I spent more hours chatting on IRC for a long time than most people spend at work....which may seem quite excessive--til you stop to consider that, for a long time, IRC was *all* that really saved what lil sanity I had left and was the *only* contact I had with the 'outside world'. I've met so many people on IRC I would never have had the fortune to meet otherwise--as well as several soulmates who have become best friends. I also met myhubby online!!!!!! : (Visit our wedding page!)

I've done theresearch interviews for my honors thesis online as well....which gave me a much more diverse sample than local face-to-face interviews would have. Plus, I logged each online interview--so I don't have to transcribe anything from those! Thankfully, I had known my research subjects for some time before they *became* subjects. Otherwise....well, the picture below speaks for itself. *BG*

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Visit the Love of My Life's (my hubby, SlvrSplsh, of course!) HomePage

An editorial (that I happen to *strongly* agree with) on The Boy Scouts of America's stance

All across the USA these days, there's kids & violence...it's high time we wake up!!!

Term paper on Pagan Ethics--done for my Christian Ethics class Spring '99 semester

Toward more Understanding & Tolerance, Compassion & Peace

Witch's Brew

The Witches' Voice

More on Pagan religions

CFIDS Info--Resource Page

Help the fight against CFIDS!!! Click on the banner-link:

Fibromyalgia Info--Resource Page

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Some people are pathetically *STOOPID*!!! How stupid??? Check out the Darwin Awards to find out!

Need some humor in your life???? Try this one too!!!

Especially for kids

YAHOO--where you can search the web, customize a yahoo info page just for *you*, get free email, and more!

My favorite place to chat, the Undernet

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